Digital Illusions leads the way for Large Equipment Manufacturers to Shine!

MAG, the most trusted partner for manufacturing solutions in the world, came to 4 Productions of Easton, MA. and Digital Illusions to help truly get inside their business and equipment to show their customers why they are truly the best.

Large equipment manufacturers spend millions of dollars just shipping their products to a show and then getting them from the dock to their space. MAG was able to use Digital Illusions' hologram to save hundreds of thousands of dollars while being able to show things they just couldn't otherwise.

Developing 5 individual videos showing the 4 parts of their business, Automotive, Aerospace, Industrial and Energy along with an overview video of all 4, MAG truly amazed all attendees at the show. The videos zoomed into equipment, had cars build themselves from the ground up and even stopped liquids dead in their tracks to show their new technologies in a whole new way.

This show was one of the most productive MAG has ever had and the ability to show why they are best in a whole new way was a huge reason.